Alright you convinced me.

So to the left you have me, Johanna, the autumn of 2010.
I swear you couldn’t have found a more unattractive photo pf me if you tried., so appearantly I had yellow hair, massive outgrowth, (and not the hot kind), my eyebrows.. gahh, and well.. I was so out of shape. This is probably me at my heaviest, even though you mostly see my face, I had no idea so much of the change has happened there.

And on the right you have me, Johanna, spring of 2012.
I’m not there yet, but I bust my ass every day of the week to get there. And I don’t know.. seems kinda like I’ve gotten somewhere at least..?

Now tell me what you all think!!

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    It’s like looking at another person!!!!
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  8. katieeha said: wow!!! determination girl!
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  11. asitozkousnu said: It’s so awesome it was just one year and a half :) Your progress is stunning
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