What are your experiences with detoxes? What way would you recommend to detox? For how long? Juices? Fasting? Teas?

  1. bakenstuff answered: I did a detox for 4-5 weeks, eat raw food, green tea and shakes. Good luck! =)
  2. be-happy-just-for-you answered: I juice for 10 days at the start of every month. At first you feel tired, but after the 5th day, you feel almost euphoric.
  3. fit-and-heal-thyy answered: you dont need a detox… just eat healthy, a lot of veggies and drink a lot of water.. then your body will detox by itself:)
  4. leighmeow answered: Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of potassium is enough for a detox, and you can just do that with a normal, balanced diet.
  5. daydreemsunshine answered: I did a juicing cleanse for a week, I got frequent headaches and it was hard gaining my strength back. Two day detox might be better.
  6. perseverance-effect answered: I did the Master Cleanse for one week. It’s really hard but it felt good.
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